Have You Seen These New Features on North Branford Patch?

We've got traffic info, gas prices and a great place to upload photos from around town.

As North Branford Patch is continually growing, I wanted to make sure you have seen these cool new features that were recently added. 

Traffic & Gas

Patch has added a new tab to the menu bar–a Traffic & Gas button. This page, powered by MapQuest, has all kinds of information. Roads are color-coded with red for stopped, yellow for slow traffic and green for flowing traffic.

It not only has live traffic updates but icons showing construction, accidents and other causes of traffic. If you click on the icons, the incident is explained, along with start and projected end times for the delays.

And of course, you can't get anywhere without gas. Underneath the traffic map are the top three prices for gas in town. If you click on 'More Local Prices' under the list, it expands the area to give you even more options.

Your Neighborhood Gallery

Another new feature is the Gallery, which is the tab next to Traffic & Gas. This is the perfect place to add photos from around town and check out photos others in the community have uploaded.

You can add your own photos or videos by clicking 'Upload Photos and Videos' above the gallery. Whether it's a scenic shot, a moment at a town event or a favorite spot, take a moment to show the North Branford Patch community.

Do you have the Instagram app on your phone? I have been Instagramming all of my photos and I can't wait to share those as well. I look forward to seeing North Branford and Northford through your eyes!


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