PHOTOS: Hurricane Irene Downs Lots of Trees in North Branford

Most downed trees just made a mess, but there were a few that did some damage–including smashing a roof on Bailey Drive.

Driving around North Branford after Hurricane Irene had moved on, there was plenty of evidence that a storm had come through. While the road were mostly clear of large debris, sticks and a layer of leaves coated the asphalt. 

Small streams were now full and fast-flowing; tree limbs were scattered across yards with some weighing down on power lines; rows of corn were bent sideways from the wind; fire and caution tape or big orange cones cordoned off some streets; trees were uprooted; and, at one home on Bailey Drive, a tree had snapped across the peak of a roof with a branch piercing through the roof and kitchen ceiling, coming to rest on top of the refrigerator. 

Check out the photo gallery to see some of the effects of Hurricane Irene. You can upload your own photos, too, by clicking 'Add photos and video' underneath the photo gallery.

Chaiah August 30, 2011 at 09:15 PM
If anyone knows the Sparanos, please let them know that Chaiah is concerned about them and to let me know they are okay when they have the chance. I live in PA so am unable to check on them myself. Thanks!


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