Reliving 'A Day in the Life'

Take a moment to meet those featured in North Branford Patch's 'A Day in the Life' so far in 2012.

In case you've missed any of these profiles on these residents, here's a look back at who's been profiled in 'A Day in the Life' so far in 2012. 


Dr. Bill James, a 101-year-old Northford resident, recently completed writing a book–The Monetarists–and talked about the process with North Branford Patch. But not before he shared the life experiences that brought him to that point. Today, we conclude our series with Dr. Bill James with some snippets of interesting stories from his past in his own words.

North Branford High School boys' basketball captains Mike Forgione, Matt Scavo and Ricky Paolini certainly have a history with the sport as Forgione and Scavo have been playing since age five, while Paolini started playing on a team in 8th grade.

North Branford High School basketball captains Stephanie Torniero, 18, and Ashley Arre, 17, share what it's like in a day in the life of a sports captain and what they think of their position on the team. 

Lynn Riordan of North Branford protected, shaped, nurtured and taught her children to the best of her ability, just as any mother strives to do. Every day she tends to the needs of her four children Elise, Alexa, Mea and Matt.  Her routine is unique, though, in that her duties as Matt’s mother now entail carrying out his last wishes.

"In 2005, the town advertised for a new fire chief because the previous one had retired and they were filling the position with an interim chief. At the time, I was still employed by City of New Haven as the commanding officer of the training academy. Seeing as I had lived in North Branford for a number of years, I thought I could branch off my expertise and make a positive change for the Town North Branford."

Joanne Wentworth saw a need for a Food Bank in town after moving to town years ago. Since then, the Northford Food Bank and the North Branford Food Bank have been serving residents.  These organizations could not run, however, without volunteers like Pat Lovelace and donations from the town. Lovelace, who was a teacher in Guilford for 35 years, started volunteering after some encouragement from a fellow parishioner at Zion Episcopal Church.

A resident of North Branford since he was seven years old, Anthony P. Esposito, Jr. has been serving the town in one way or another for decades. But after this multi-tasking public servant wraps up his day job, there’s no down time. Esposito gave Patch a look at how he spends his time when he’s not in the office and why he won’t be leaving any time soon. 

Project Graduation, an effort to keep kids safe and entertained after prom, is an important, yet costly endeavor for parents and teachers in North Branford. The initiative is possible due to volunteers like Tracey Fair who organize fundraising events in town. One such event is March Madness, an event that sees teams pay to battle it out in fun games with the proceeds going toward Project Graduation activities. Fair also owns and cuts hair at her own barber shop, runs a 4H club, manages her horse and bar and more.

“I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none,” laughed Lou Paternoster and who could describe Paternoster better than the man himself? The long-time North Branford resident has made it a point to apply himself in as many facets around town as possible in order to give back to the town where he raised his three children. 

North Branford Patch takes some time to catch up with folks in town who spend their days in interesting ways. Know someone who has a unique hobby or exciting job? Email Jenn McCulloch at jenn.mcculloch@patch.com. Here is the .

warren dunphy April 04, 2012 at 01:22 PM
i think you should do a day in the life of a 911 north branford police and fire dispatcher phyllis dunphy who will be retireing after 29 years of dedicated service to the town, also as a former nbfd co 1 firefighter -emt, co 4 ambulance member, school bus driver back in the 70's, nobody ever sees the faces of these people behind the hysterical phone calls for help etc.
Jenn McCulloch April 04, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Thanks so much for the suggestion Warren! I've talked to Phyllis several times and she has always been more than helpful. Great idea!


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