Linda McMahon: Romney’s Twin?

Can it possibly be that Linda McMahon will gain our votes, win a seat in the United States Senate, and then violate the trust we placed in her words?

Who said the following?

”Forty-seven percent of people today don’t pay any taxes. So let’s have a fair tax code where everybody pays their taxes.”

Answer: Linda McMahon on a local station last year.

But wait a minute; didn’t she just denounce Mitt Romney for criticizing the “47- percenters”, saying, “I couldn’t disagree more.” Didn't she just say most of them want to work, but Obama has failed to create jobs for them?

Linda McMahon can run, but she can’t hide… unless we allow her to pull the wool over our eyes. She doesn’t want us to know what she really plans to do if she is elected to the U.S. Senate. She is in the 1 percent and is for the “1-percenters” and wants a government by the 1-percenters and for the 1-percenters.

Who make up the 47% that Linda McMahon feels should be paying their fair share? Which people comprise the 47% who Mitt Romney believes expect to be taken care of?

In the most recent Forbes magazine, Howard Gleckman writes that the 47% include people who work 50 hours 6 days a week as home health aides. The total salary is too low to require her to pay taxes. 

The 47% include college students who work 10 to 15 hours weekly. It includes elderly who worked all their lives and paid for the Social Security which they rely on to survive. It includes those in the military on active duty.

During her failed run against Senator Blumenthal, McMahon refused to support a middle class tax cut unless her 1-percenters also got a tax cut. When she talks about how we must stimulate the economy, she means giving tax cuts to those like herself, millionaires and billionaires. But those who struggle? Tax them.

Think about how many ways she is similar to Mitt Romney. It is truly frightening when a person who so badly wants to be our senator will say anything about her rival, Chris Murphy, and against the presidential candidate of her own party - even when she agrees with him; and why?
Can it possibly be obtain our votes, gain a seat in the United States Senate, and then violate the trust we placed in her words?

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Pro Death October 11, 2012 at 05:34 PM
I'll vote for Big Bird before I would ever vote for a Democrat, They are destroying Connecticut.
Joshua Katz October 11, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Spiff, I respect your right to vote for a candidate you don't support, just as I enjoy my right to vote for someone I do support. That said, if what you said were true, I wouldn't care, since I don't want Romney in office any more than I want Obama there. Furthermore, if it were true, it would only be true because of the prevalence of that attitude. I prefer to be part of the solution. That aside, it simply isn't true. My vote literally means nothing, there is nothing to waste. The probability of all states other than CT being locked in an electoral college dead heat, while CT is locked in a popular dead heat minus my vote, is so low as to be laughable. You could run the election 10^10^10^10 times and it won't happen. So the idea that my vote will help reelect Obama (my liberal friends tell me it will help elect Romney, by the way - doesn't that cancel out?) is simply false. It will do nothing in terms of deciding the outcome. On the other hand, I can use my vote to make a statement. That statement can be "please continue on with the status quo, everything is going great" which is what I say when I vote R/D. Or it can be that I am deeply dissatisfied and this must change. Furthermore, in CT, it cost thousands of dollars to get ballot access for Johnson. With 1% of the vote, he will have it in 5 years. With 5% nationwide, his 2016 campaign will qualify for funding. I can make a difference there.
Joshua Katz October 11, 2012 at 05:47 PM
No - NY, TX, and now CT. If a third party has no chance, it's because we've allowed that to come to pass. It's because we refuse to give them the chance. That aside, what do you mean by "take back?" As I said, the GOP has never been pro-freedom. Even the mythical "old right" was more about being pro-business than pro-freedom. So you can't mean take back, you must mean take. I suspect, based in large part on the Ron Paul travesty, that I have a greater chance of electing Gary Johnson President than you have of getting even a decent candidate through the GOP. It is a private organization whose leadership is unified against the idea. Primaries are, if it is possible, more corrupt than regular elections.
Pro Death October 11, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Wow, the only thing correct in your whole post might be the names and dates of death.
Gerry Guay October 11, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Is Manchester Patch a source for local news and happenings or is it now a conduit for biased political opinion colums by Avi Isseroff? Is Manchester Patch going the way of very Liberal biased JI and vile MSNBC or hold a middle ground for both sides of a respectable Manchester discourse?


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