Mark Acevedo: A Handyman for All Seasons and All Jobs

"Who wouldn't enjoy not punching a clock?" Linda Acevedo said.

“Business is okay.  Business is okay because we do a lot of different things,” said Linda Acevedo, who, as the wife of Mark Acevedo, manages North Branford's Mark Anthony Home Improvement.

Acevedo said her husband had been in the construction industry for 30 years, although he didn’t form his own company until the year 2000. At that time, she said both she and her husband got into real estate property management full time — they are now each licensed realtors — and that,
today, the pair manage 11 properties. Five of them, she said, were properties damaged by Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy.

“We sell them. We buy them. We hold them. We rent them,” Linda Acevedo said.

In addition to servicing those properties, the business extends its skills to
exterior and interior work on buildings that require anything from one person — Mark — to a crew as large as six, which Acevedo said he brings in for larger jobs.

“Basically, it would be painting, trimwork, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodelling, landscaping, perennial garden maintenance ...,” said Acevedo, beginning to cite the litany of services the company offers without even seeming to pause for breath. To that, the company offers other services such as gutter maintenance, power- and pressure-cleaning, deck preserving and the laying of hardwood floors.

“He likes the before and after,” Acevedo said of her husband Mark.  “We bought so many homes that were uninhabitable ... He loves the challenge of taking an ugly bathroom and making it into a good bathroom. It’s
really nice to see the finished product.”

She said the jobs the company have performed include the removal of a huge tree felled by Hurricane Sandy. The largest job the company has completed was one she described as “a complete remodeling — complete
rehabilitation for a house from top to bottom, with a new roof on the outside, a new kitchen, new bath all new mechanicals.”

The smallest job, she said, was work her husband performed rebuilding a toilet for one of his senior-citizen clients.

Acevedo said roughly half of the company’s clients are senior citizens, to whom the company offers a discount. Their clients live in North Branford, Northford, East Haven and along shoreline, she said.  

What her husband also enjoys, according to Acevedo, is owning his own company and serving as his own boss.  Having begun his construction work as a teenager, he did not begin his own company until he was 42.

“Who wouldn’t enjoy not punching a clock?” Alcevedo said.


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