Connecticut Unemployment Falls Below 8%

The milestone is a first since April 2009.

The unemployment rate in Connecticut dipped under 8.0% in October for the first time since April 2009, according to a report released Thursday by the state Department of Labor.

According to the DOL, the unemployment rate fell 0.1% in both September and October from 8.1% in August, despite declines in non-farm jobs. For the 12 months since October 2012, the jobless rate has shrunk by 0.5%.

“The September and October reports are sending mixed signals about Connecticut’s labor markets,” said Andy Condon, Director of the Office of Research. “The weeks leading up to the federal government shutdown, evidently, led to increased economic uncertainty and hiring indecision across the state. On a positive note, the state's unemployment rate has declined for two months in a row primarily driven by a reduced number of unemployed individuals.”

The Connecticut economy has gained 10,000 non-farm jobs since October 2012.

For more detailed information, see the Connecticut Labor Market Information page on the state Department of Labor website.


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