VIDEO: Seeing Red? CWA Union Striking in Protest of "Unfair Labor Practices" at AT&T

Members of the local Communications Workers of America (CWA) union have began protesting in Connecticut.

Local members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) were striking today. A group protested AT&T's "unfair labor practices," according to local member Kevin Powers.

According to Yahoo! Finance, "...AT&T, whose total workforce is roughly 256,000, is looking to trim worker benefits to cut costs in its wireline business, which has declined rapidly in recent years.

But the union says AT&T is seeking too many concessions. In particular, it says that AT&T wants to significantly increase healthcare costs for workers..."

CWA nationally represents AT&T and the strike includes members from California, Nevada, Hawaii among other states in the south and the east.

"The American public are smart, they know what's going on, and the middle class is struggling," said Powers. "The corporations need to do the right thing–keep the good paying jobs local and stop sending them out of the country. If we could do that, maybe we could get the recession to end and get everybody back on track."

Powers, who lives in North Branford, added that they're "asking the American public to hang with us–we know the customer service may suffer a little bit, but it's for the overall good."

For more, see the video.


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