Spinning Class Leads To An “Aha” Moment

Lessons learned during a spinning class are applicable to all areas of your life.

Did you ever just “get it?” You know what I mean, right? There’s some thing that you thought you understood; you’ve heard it a bazillion times, agreed with, repeated it to other people, maybe even taught it. Then, in a moment, it comes to you in a slightly different way and you embody it. That is, you take it in and understand it in a deeper and more resonant way than you ever have before.

Well, that happened to me this morning after my spinning class. I’ve recently taken up spinning, after re-committing to a regular exercise routine. I can assure you that spinning is not for wimps. It is a workout done on a bicycle in a class setting, led by an instructor.

Spinning requires focus, determination, inner strength and, in my case, a level of competitiveness that just will not let me give up when everyone else in the room is still pedaling. I will NOT be the only not keeping up! I will NOT give myself any excuse, age, bad back or screaming quads, for quitting. There’s a tremendous amount of satisfaction when class is over and I’ve hung in there, despite occasionally feeling like I was going to throw up, fall off the bike or have my legs completely give out on me.

As a coach, speaker, workshop leader and long-time psychotherapist, I’ve spoken with thousands of people about the need to set clear goals, make a commitment, stay focused, hang in when the going got tough and get support for themselves when needed. I thought I fully I understood the importance of coaching . But today, on the drive home after an intense spinning class, I “got” it at a deeper level.

The bottom line is, your results are in direct proportion to the degree of commitment and consistency you put in. Getting to the gym sporadically, making up your own workout and not consistently pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, will not give you the results you want. Not seeing results, you’re likely to give up altogether or at least for the foreseeable future.

The same is true for your other life goals. Unless you are unusually organized, committed, focused and self-motivated, you are not likely to experience the results you want while going it alone. Having a coach to help you get clear on your goals, develop a strategy, act as a cheerleader and a sounding board, increase your awareness of limiting beliefs and behaviors and keep you in the game when your ego is coming up with every reason and trick imaginable to take you out, is really the best way to get the results you want.

So, whether in spinning class or in life, keep these thoughts in mind:
*positive change requires moving out of your comfort zone…..consistently;
*when you start something new it will probably hurt and you’ll probably want to quit;
*steady breathing and a point of focus will really help keep you in the game;
*there are times to go hard and fast and times to slow down and recover;
*when you’re feeling stuck or ready to quit, a change of state can help you refocus, re-energize and recommit: change the music, take a walk, meditate, dance, etc;
*surround yourself with people who are also committed to positive change;
*consider hiring a coach or trainer to guide, support and encourage you when the going gets tough.

You’ve heard it before. The only thing that is certain is change. Nothing stays static. You and everything around you are either growing or not growing. It’s up to you to decide which it will be. If it’s time for you to commit to making a positive change in you life, I’d be honored to support you on your journey.

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