Meatless Monday

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Welcome to Meatless Monday. Fair warning, this is not a blog about vegetarian cooking; the purpose of this blog is to bring you a sampling of the weird, funny, and instantly forgettable headlines I have come across. In other words, like a meatless meal, it is satisfying in the moment but ultimately lacks substance!

Let’s kick off with a story about attack rabbits overtaking Denver Airport. Thumper and his henchmen are attacking cars in airport parking lots; they are chewing through wires and causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The rascally rabbits leave plenty of evidence behind so airport security know who the culprits are. Officials are currently spraying the perimeter of the airport with coyote urine as a deterrent whilst they look into other humane and more effective methods. So I guess sending in Elmer Fudd wasn’t an option.

In a week where local towns are looking at a huge bill for cleaning up snow, San Francisco has a $5000 bill for cleaning up after the city’s annual Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight. The love fest is in its 8th year and attracted hundreds of participants. After all the fun and frivolity the city had to use steamers to clean up all the feathers and synthetic pillow stuffing. Next year don’t waste your money on flowers and chocolates; nothing says I love you more than being walloped with a pillow.

If you are like me and think there is a shortage of decent things to watch on TV, be grateful you don’t live in Norway, recently they aired 12 hours of a fire burning in a fireplace. To keep it interesting they narrated poetry and brought in special guest Lars Mytting who is known as Norway’s Firewood Celebrity. He provided valuable information on choosing, cutting and splitting firewood. Riveting stuff! It’s not the first time Norway has provided unusual TV programming; in 2011 they ran 134 non-stop hours of a cruise ship sailing along the coast of Norway. An earlier show delighted the viewers with an 8 hour show about a train ride from Oslo to Bergen. That one was so popular the TV station had to repeat it. Boy those Norwegians know how to handle cabin fever!

In case you think I made this stuff up, here are the links to the stories;





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