Trash to Treasure: 3 Quick Tips

How to update yard sale furniture finds from lackluster to luxurious!

On a budget? Yard sale finds are a great opportunity to redecorate without breaking the bank. The secret is being able to look beyond the face value of the item and visualize its potential.

Here are three quick tips:

  1. Clean it: A little elbow grease goes a long way. Does the item have really good bones, but looking a little dull under all those layers of dust from hiding out in someone’s attic for years? Give it a thorough clean to uncover its hidden beauty and make it shine.
  2. Paint it: Painting an old, worn item will breathe new life into it. Love the shape of that old, oak side table, but looking to decorate in a more modern color scheme? Paint it your favorite shade of turquoise and add a jeweled drawer knob! Instant fab!
  3. Re-purpose it: Just because it was an armoire in a previous life, doesn’t mean you can’t tweak it into something more suitable to your lifestyle. Add some shelving and baskets to turn it into a kitchen pantry cupboard or perhaps create toy storage for the living room.

Having a yard sale this weekend? Post the information below. Don't forget to include the time and location!


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