'A Law That is Not Enforced Has No Teeth'

Patch account-holders weigh in on the day's news, from Connecticut's new liquor law and the Senate's approval of medical marijuana to dog parks.


"we'll need to be stoned to survive the mental torture of more of this crap from hartford," says Edward Walsh, on the Bethwood Patch Facebook page about the state Senate's approval of a medical marijuana bill. 


"A law that is not enforced has no teeth and, therefore, is ignored." A has opened up a community conversation about the town's parks, dogs and, well, poop. This was take on the matter, in reference to the law requiring people to clean up after their dogs.


"I mourn the demise of a blue law. We should stop living the 24/7 life. It is going to kill all of us in the end." If had his way he would slow things down and reverse the in Connecticut.


"Great antidepressant. No side effects. I prefer to smoke it but lost my left lung to cigarette smoking." The permitting the use of medical marijuana leads to offer that comment. Another Patch account-holder, , says, "Congrats Connecticut - feel better!"


"Keep voting in this group and cry all the way to the poor house." That's take on the town's decision to and instead negotiate with the current hauler.


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