'An Awesome Tribute To An Awesome Man!'

From a profile of a business owner to a police report in which a student allegedly punched a cop, Patch account-holders weigh in on the day's news.


"Surely a better place for that kind of "interview" would be away from school wouldn't it?" has this and other questions about an incident at Bunnell High School in which a .


"An awesome tribute to an awesome man!" says this about Jim Wilson, owner of Milford Photo, on a .


"Spending more money has not improved education, in fact, it has probably gotten worse." That's take on the .

East Haven


"Not only is spending still out of control, small businesses are even more burdened than ever. They are either closing or leaving the state in droves." The to run for a second term in the House of Representatives leads to offer this feedback.


"did anyone really think this would work" asks this question in reponse to news that some state legislators are concerned about the .


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