'Are You a Good or Bad Parent if You Buy Your Child a Cupcake?'

From an upcoming visit by a renowned cupcake truck to new businesses on the horizon, Patch account-holders weigh in on the day's news.


"Are you a good or bad parent if you buy your child a cupcake?" poses this question upon hearing that the for a family fun day to benefit the local food pantry.


"big deal. our tax dollars hard @ work." News of prompted to offer this feedback, in which he also proposes a cut to the police and fire department budgets.


"This is a direct result of the Bush tax cuts for 'job creators'. That brilliant plan has flooded America with jobs and produced the booming economy we all see now." imparts a hint of sarcasm in response to a .

North Haven

"i am for it if it doesn't draw the ghetto crowd like home town and pacific buffets." says this about the upcoming in a shopping plaza.

East Haven

"Foxon looks like a ghost town. Anyone know where I can get some of those dead shrubs they use in the old cowboy movies so I can have them blow up and down RT. 80? says is great, but he'd like to see some more economic activity in the Foxon section of town.


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