'How About Some Results for Once!'

From education funding support from the state to the search for a new police chief and the best advice dad ever gave, Patch account-holders share their take on the headlines.


"My dad has always been my hero. He taught me strength, gentleness and faith. He always led by example and taught me that true character is found in what one does when nobody is watching." —

"Why go through the possible expense of a search if you have a good person already filling the position who would be interested in staying permanently? If seems as if Chief Larrabee has his head on straight and is doing a good job." —

"Most of this was not needed and could have been trimed down. But no, put on the blinders and pass it without contoversy." —


"What I find disturbing is the idea that more money will fix the problems of low performing schools. It won't." —

"It is no surprise that some of our schools are underperforming. I want to know how the money will be spent. We know the BOE is great at spending. How about some results for once!" —


"We hear that the pond will cost tax payers $200,000! for a hole filled with water!" —

"There's a shock, union workers commit fraud and get a slap on the wrist." —


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