'I'm Suddenly Feeling Grossly Underpaid'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the area.

STRATFORD: “I'm suddenly feeling grossly underpaid.” A list of Stratford’s highest-paid government employees shows two people on the police department making nearly $300,000, and a dispatcher making $180,000. Jodi thinks this is a lot of money. 

OXFORD: “State taxes are up but at least gas prices are up too...” keep going up and looks for the silver lining – but can’t find it. 

NAUGATUCK: “Where is the growth in the community? People are moving out of town, businesses are not moving in and the school board wants to increase taxes - & a remodeled high school, and social workers in every school. Wake up taxpayers! Enough is enough!” The school district is faced with some tough decisions to keep its finances in order, but thinks administrators could be looking in the wrong places. 


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