July is National Ice Cream Month!

... and Sunday (or should we say 'Sundae'?) is National Ice Cream Day!

Debbie’s Daily Dose of Food for Thought

“My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy the ice cream while it’s on your plate.” Thorton Wilder

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the many flavors and textures of ice cream and 90 percent of Americans love the tasty treat. Whether you head out to one of our local ice cream parlors or eat your favorite ice cream at home, do your part and eat more ice cream this month! Here are a few things to know about ice cream and National Ice Cream Month.


According to the International Dairy Foods Association, President Ronald Reagan declared the month of July 'National Ice Cream Month' in 1984. He cited nutritional benefits and called for “appropriate ceremonies and activities” to be planned throughout the month.

Information about Ice Cream

Did you know it takes approximately 50 licks to eat a one-scoop ice cream cone? The website www.icecream.com contains this and more fun facts about ice cream. Why not plan a cone-eating contest with your family this Sunday to celebrate National Ice Cream Day and see who finishes first with the least amount of licks? Ready, set, go!

How Much Ice Cream Do Americans Eat?

In a recent Morning Edition broadcast, NPR stated that on average we eat 20 quarts of ice cream each year.

Local Choices

Locally, you can celebrate by enjoying an ice cream at , , and even (did you know the cones there are only 50 cents?). Looking to hit the road? You can find ,,  or  in Branford. 


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