malpractice or what.

until last week i was a member of the southeast pain center they terminated me because i did not tell them i was taking a cough medicine that had codine in it.and i have been taking for thirteen years methadone 40mg daily and oxycodone 7.5mg three times a day plus a lot of other drugs i have been a member of there's for three years.i had my regular doctor call them to tell them that she gave it to me but they did not care.my regular doctor made several referrals to other pain clinics but none will take me because when they talk with the south east pain center in rockhill they tell them that i did not tell them i was taking this cough medicine.i informed them i will go through with draws but thy said to tell some one who cares.i have just three days of meds left then i will start to go to the emergency room.because with this type of narcotics with draws you can have a stroke and or heart attack.i already have en off problems and i am a cancer paients with prostate cancer stage two i have Parkinson muscular desiges bulging discs nourophy it bad at times but this is and will be worse. just last month they mixed up my meds.gave me the rong count of methadone and thr rong med altogether of oxycontain and no refills of any of the other meds.but thats oky the nurse made a mistake when she made out the scripts.if the pharmacy did not tell me about it i would have taken the rong meds and or ran out long before they were do to be refilled. pastor ken
Connie January 24, 2014 at 05:54 AM
if you are this bad off you write like you need to be hospitalized and treated for drug addiction and other physical pain problems and diseases.


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