'Much Bigger Fish to Fry on the Schools'

Patch account-holders share their take on today's news, from school dress codes to Sunday alcohol sales and pay raises for state police.

East Haven

"If parents stopped letting their children ruin their households and took control and stooped indulging them and stored allowing them to wear slutty clothes or for boys, pants 3 times too big then this wouldn't be an issue. Their are much bigger fish to fry on the schools." offers this viewpoint in response to the .


"Too much emphasis on test scores leads to teaching to the tests. I hope the Milford schools do not fall into that trap." That's reaction to a from a state ranking of 79th in 2010 to 103rd in 2011. 


"hmm bring to the vet, or kill an innocent animal and save a few bucks? lets just kill it!" is being fecicious about the police department's that was roaming around town.


"That's the way to rein in our government spending issue 56% percent pay raise, and when the officers retire in 20 years of service we'll be burdened with some really huge pensions." had that to say about a .

North Haven 

"super excited, we are not a backward s state anymore, and bars are too expensive. i like good wine with my food." is celebrating the news that Connecticut is poised to .


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