On Tonight: Kathy, Lifeguard! and Rehab Addict

Here are some Thursday night TV tips.

Thursday, April 19

Kathy, 10 p.m., Bravo

And so, my life is complete. Kathy Griffin has her own talk show. Wait, I take that back. My life will be complete when I am a guest on Kathy Griffin’s talk show.

Lifeguard!, 9 p.m., The Weather Channel

“A mother suffering from hypothermia is rescued but forgets something behind in the water.” Gee, do you think it might be … her kid?

Rehab Addict, 10 p.m., DIY

Ha, ha, get it? Rehab … addict. It’s a clever play on words! She is addicted to renovating homes so she is a rehab addict. Oh, I am ROTFL.


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