On Tonight: NCAA Basketball, Escape Routes and Too Cute!

What are you watching on Saturday night?

Saturday, March 31

2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament, 6 p.m., CBS

When the Elite 8 started, my Final Four were intact. When the Elite 8 ended, my Final Four were gone. And so goes college basketball.

Escape Routes, 8 p.m., NBC

In this new series, “Six teams of two participants embark on a unique national road trip competition; the teams play a word game in their first challenge.” I hope it is Words with Friends. There is nothing more riveting than watching someone else play a word game on their phone.

Too Cute!, 9 p.m., Animal Planet

If you aren’t at least DVRing this, you are an idiot. “Young Jack Russell terriers keep their mother busy; Portuguese Water Dogs don't like getting wet; Bullmastiff puppies keep on growing.”


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