On Tonight: X Factor, Nature and America's Next Top Model

What are you watching on Wednesday?

Wednesday, Nov. 16

The X Factor, 8 p.m., Fox

I wonder if the Stereo Hogz would’ve done better if Paula had let them sing boy songs? And I am not sure why poor Nicole Scherzinger is being hammered and lambasted by all the critics. It is not her fault that she sits there and literally shimmers.

Nature, 8 p.m., PBS (checking listings)

Tonight, “Writer Joe Hutto raises wild turkeys from chicks in Florida.” As Benjamin Franklin so memorably said in the world’s best musical, 1776: “A truly noble bird. Native American, a source of sustenance to our original settlers, and an incredibly brave fellow who wouldn't flinch from attacking a whole regiment of Englishmen single-handedly!”

America’s Next Top Model, 9 p.m., CW

“When asked to judge each other during a challenge, one model is confronted about her insecurities; the models enjoy Greece during some time off; Nigel Barker photographs the contestants as they re-create ancient Olympic sports.” Really? They can’t think of anything more challenging than to exploit models’ insecurities?


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