'Please Just Have the Functional Drunks Doing Karaoke'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“It's kind of embarrassing that this would be such an issue in a town like Cheshire. Fix it and get it over with.” There’s about the poor condition of the boys’ locker room. just wants it taken care of.  


“I was walking my dogs late Sunday night, smelling smoke so badly that I was sure there was a house on fire nearby. I roamed the neighborhood checking everyone's property, just in case there was an emergency! It never occurred to me that the fire in North Haven would send smoke to the top of Sea Hill until my Facebook friends nearby made comments the next day. Health and environment take another hit.” The effects of a big brush fire in North Haven were felt in North Branford by . 


“No trouble spot, please just have the functional drunks doing karaoke.” A . While most people in the comments are excited for it, is hoping for something else.


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