'Vote Schmote. It’s a One-Party Country'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“Vote Schmote. It’s a One-Party country, ruled by Wall Street and the war profiteers.” That’s what said in the comments to a letter to the editor from Rick Santorum’s campaign coordinator. Santorum dropped out of the race but is still on the ballot in Connecticut.


“Lock him up! One less violent moron on the street. You think that with all the publicity and the outcome of the Cheshire home invasion case, people would think twice about invading another's sanctuary. Although my guess is that more of these people will be committing crimes now that they do not have death to fear in CT anymore. Great Job CT!”

An East Haven man was arrested house and assaulting two of her male friends with a bottle. makes a statement about Connecticut recently getting rid of the death penalty.


“Sounds like another land-grab scam in the works. As if selling your home wasn't tough enough these days, they add more EPA regulation? They sell these Bills as if they are going to protect the little guy, but we know better -- don't we? Afterall, born and educated in the North, we're less likely to be duped out of our own property -- right? Wake up folks -- please!”

The state is working on legislation that would force home sellers to disclose information to potential buyers about hazardous contaminants in the area. thinks there’s an ulterior motive.


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