‘Voting for the President in Connecticut is a Waste of Time’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“The way our government wastes money, a mere million dollars for something as important as a primary for the Presidency is just another drop in the bucket. That said, this particular primary is not only a moot issue, but the entire process of voting for the President in Connecticut is a waste of time thanks to the archaic electoral college which renders your vote virtually meaningless.” , which Mitt Romney is expected to win, is going to cost $1 million.  thinks the cost is fair considering the government’s spending habits.  


“Wow - drunk at 8 a.m. - where are this kid's parents????” That’s what asked after a 17-year-old teen was arrested for allegedly drinking and driving early in the morning. 


“Why did the town bother to build a beautiful facility if they aren't going to pay/support it to keep it running properly and take care of it or the animals?” Stratford Animal Control may have a new facility, but thinks the department from the town.


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