'Welcome to the Police State of Amerika’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“Shameful that soldiers are dead so we can vote and only 155 show up. I have to say the town did a horrible job communicating it as well. Not one "vote today" sign seen anywhere in town. I hope there is a better republican turnout in November or it's going to be another long 4 years.” Turnout with 15 percent coming out to vote in the GOP presidential primary. Patch commenter ‘’ lives up to his or her name.  


“More gubbment intervention. Welcome to the police state of Amerika.” Oxford High School will be at the prom. thinks – perhaps sarcastically – that it crosses a line.


“This schoolyard bullying attitude is totally unproductive. Continue to ridicule the process and see where it gets us. Try voting for a third party for a change...although most are too close-minded to even read about what Libertarians, Green, Constitutionalists, et al, stand for. 
Expand your horizons a bit...you might learn something.” An exchange in the about Milford’s Republican presidential primary prompted ’s response.


“This is MY DAD!!! Now that's a lucky break!!!! Best dad any daughter could ask for!!! Thanks for everything dad.” An East Haven Patch blogger wrote about all the lucky breaks he has appreciated throughout life. His daughter,, seems to be the lucky one.


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