'You Can Only Collect For So Long'

From new unemployment stats to the arrest of a firefighter, Patch account-holders weigh in on the day's news.


"This is the reason we pay so much for insurance." The on allegations that he lied about a home burglary and attempted to cash in on it led to offer this take.


"Big or small jobs the price is always fair." That's been experience at InTown Automotive and why he is saying it's the .

East Haven

"Unemployment declines not because more people are employed, but because less people are collecting due to the benefits running out. You can only collect for so long." shares this info on a report that shows .


"This stuff always seems real interesting to me, so I go outside and look up and try to find the big dipper. Seems like I find three or four of them, then just a lot of twinkly dots and an occasional airplane. Then the mosquitos get to me and I go back inside and watch Star Trek." says this on blog post about Saturn being the .


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