'You Get What You Pay for Sometimes'

A look at the day's comments from Patch websites in the region.


“I believe that Derek Jeter is one of the very few professional athletes that has really lived up to the 'role model' title. He is a true team player, never talks about himself, he never throws anyone under the bus, stays out of the media. He shows respect for teammates and opponents, managers, etc. and plays with determination.” When asked about role models in sports, replied that the New York Yankees have one of the rare few.


“I like the quality and that the ingredients were local. Supporting local farms. It may be pricey for some...but you get what you pay for sometimes.” A is replacing an old one in town. This reader from Facebook will miss the old place.   


“It should be abolished because of the inherent drawbacks in our legal system. Many innocent people have been found guilty of crimes they did not commit due to; poor lawyering, faulty police work, planted evidence, withheld exculpatory evidence and overzealous prosecutors. It is terrible to put someone to death by mistake.” Blogger Miles Halpine wrote a spirited defense of abolishing the death penalty, and agrees with him. 


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