3 Questions for Fire Chief Bill Seward: Nov. 17

Bill Seward, chief of the North Branford Fire Department, discusses new equipment, checking your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and gratitude.


North Branford Patch: What's new with the North Branford Fire Department?
Chief Bill Seward: This week the Fire Department accepted delivery and installation of a new high-pressure breathing air compressor that was purchased with funds awarded under the 2011 federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. This new equipment will allow the NBFD to fill self-contained breathing apparatus air cylinders with greater efficiency and complies with the 2008 NFPA Standards for breathing air.  

This unit replaces antiquated equipment that has been in service for the past 25 years and annually has cost the town more money to maintain and most importantly, did not meet today's standards for fire department operations. To date, the NBFD has received more that $1,000,000 in Assistance to Firefighters Grant awards that enables the department to provide an acceptable level of emergency services to the community. 

North Branford Patch: What's something residents need to know?
Chief Bill Seward: As a reminder to our citizenry, as we recently changed our clocks, residents should be sure to change the batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Any resident that does not have a working smoke detector may obtain one free of cost from the North Branford Fire Marshal's Office located within Town Hall. The NBFD received a number of these devices under a grant program initiated through the State of CT down to local fire departments. For further information you may call 203-484-6016. 

North Branford Patch: What are you thankful for?
Chief Bill Seward: We have all accepted the normal way of life and the means by which we enjoy the same. With the holiday seasons approaching, we really need to be grateful for all the positive aspects of life. For at any one time, lives can change forever.  

Recently, many of my fellow firefighters engaged in a day of feeding those who lost all their personal property and even lives, on the shores of Long Island, New York. The sights and stories heard by all bring back so many memories of working at the World Trade Center on 9/11 that once again, we demonstrate our commitment to care for others, often ahead of our own families.

Firefighters are known to, at the sound of an alarm, drop everything and respond to the calls for help from strangers. It is for these actions that I am so grateful to have become a part of AMERICA'S HEROES and the Chief of North Branford's Bravest.


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