Canelli Briefs Police Commission on April's Numbers

North Branford Police Chief Matthew Canelli shared statistics from April as well as some other happenings from the past month at the May 15 meeting.

At the May 14 ,  Chief Matthew Canelli presented the statistics from the month of April. Incident activity included:

  • 24 motor vehicle accidents
  • 5 motor vehicle accidents with injuries
  • 97 motor vehicle stops
  • 33 motor vehicle written warnings
  • 37 motor vehicle citations/summons
  • 4 DUI arrests
  • 7 commercial and residential burglaries
  • 85 commercial and residential alarms (85 false)
  • 36 criminal arrests
  • 1 juvenile arrest
  • 910 total police services

Canelli reported that the vehicle maintenance costs for April were just less than $2,900, noting that majority of that cost was to replace the transmission on car 11, which has 154,000 miles on it.

"We're never going to get that money out of that car," said Police Commission Vice Chairman Dave Palumbo. "I'd just hate to see the numbers [for vehicle repairs] going the other way again [after going down after ]."

The cost of prisoner watch dating back to July 1, 2011 stands at $10,581, while proceeds from permits, fines, etc. stand at $5,167, which goes into the town's general fund.

Other NBPD Happenings

Detective Sean Anderson earned a certificate for attending a management and homeland security workshop with Detective Ron Onofrio. Canelli shared copies of the certification with the commissioners.


Canelli also stated that he had sent a letter to Town Manager Richard Branigan on May 9 concerning the  condition of the sidewalk and railing for the police department's secondary entrance. He reported that he had not yet received a response from the Town Manager's office.

Several commissioners voiced concern, agreeing the area was in need of repair with Palumbo saying, "I'll provide the concrete if Public Works will do the demo and install the new railing."


The NBPD received a letter from the Town Manager's office concerning Officer Leonard Popolizio's upcoming retirement, which is effective July 13. 

"I know the process–I don't need a letter," said Canelli. "I answered him in an appropriate way saying the Commission is well aware of what we have to do. If and when we find a successful candidate we'll go in front of the Council."

Coincidentally, the start date of the next session of the Police Academy is July 13 and the Police Academy has told the NBPD it needs a name by June 1 to hold the spot.

Town Council member Vinny Caprio, who is liaison to the Police Commission, added, "There are a lot of complicated things going on behind the scenes and we're trying to hold the line on our budget to keep people's taxes from going up. According to the budget referendum, there was a 4-to-1 margin who approves of what the Council did so you need to bring us a candidate and we'll go from there."


During citizen statements, Caprio questioned whether wading in a stream or river that runs through someone's property was considered trespassing as the bodies of water are state property.

"My gut is saying if you're walking, it's not allowed, but I'll verify that with the DEEP," said Canelli. "But if you are in any type of vessel, that is permitted."

Betty Boop May 18, 2012 at 10:56 AM
Access for Recreational Fishing: Many recreational fishers ask about rights of access, particularly for fresh waters where many rivers and streams run through private property. The Fisheries Management Act 1994 states that a person has the right to fish in rivers and creeks despite the fact that the bed of those waters is not Crown land, provided that the person is in a boat on these waters or is on the bed of the river or creek, which is alternatively covered and left bare with an increase or decrease in the supply of water (other than during floods). Private property title is very strong, and there is on Crown reserve or easement along the banks of a river or creek for public access without the approval of the landowner. Therefore, you must have the owners permission to cross private land to get to a river or creek or to walk along the bank of a river or creek that runs through private property. Matt, as I read this, if you walk up or down the water way into the property, never leaving the water, you are not trespassing.


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