Caution! The Deer Have Returned to Route 80

With snow covering the ground, the deer are migrating back toward Route 80 in search of food.


Two years ago, it seemed as if Route 80 in North Branford was overrun by deer with Lieutenant David D'Ancicco reporting a point where there were "five or six accidents a day."

Now, with the recent snow, Deputy Fire Marshal John O'Brien warns those driving on Route 80 that the deer are back. He posted an announcement with this warning: 

"Be mindful in the area from Big Y to the new Route 139. Herds of deer have been spotted up on the hill near Ticon and have been coming down to the road. Remember: DO NOT LEAVE FOOD along Route 80 for the deer."

Interviewed in February 2011 during the last problem with the deer, Howard Kilpatrick, wildlife biologist for the Department of Environmental Protection, explained the large amount of snow forces deer to travel in larger groups. 

“As the snow melts, they break up,” Kilpatrick said. It becomes easier to travel and deer move out to browse in other areas, he said. Kilpatrick said the whitetails will remain in the area, though, albeit in smaller groups, and farther from the road.

Holly Long Maturo February 21, 2013 at 06:15 PM
They're also walking around Notch Hill Rd
Rhonda February 22, 2013 at 10:27 PM
Unfortunately, it appeared that a deer was hit this morning (2/22/13) sometime and I passed two police officers trying to remove it from the road. It is sad but it is also very concerning. There were approximately six or seven near miss events that season for me and the family. Slowing down through that stretch of road would be advisable.


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