Man Steals 2 Laptops From Wal Mart in 2 Days

Store security believe the man used the same method on two consecutive nights to steal laptops from the Wal Mart at 275 Main St. in White Plains.

After walking out of Wal Mart with a stolen laptop on Tuesday morning, store security believes a shoplifter returned to the store the following night and used the same method to take a second computer.

Security noticed a man in a black cap and blue sweatpants walking into the store's electronics section just before 12 p.m. Tuesday where he used scissors to cut a security cord securing an Acer laptop to a table. Security told police the man walked out of a fire exit with the $628 computer and left the area on Hamilton Ave.

The following night, at about 9:24 p.m., security says the same man returned to the store and did the same thing, cutting the security cord to a $648 HP laptop and walking out of a fire exit with the computer onto N Broadway.

Wal Mart security has provided the White Plains police with security footage of the thefts, but there are no suspects at this time.


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