New Police Cars Hit the Road in North Branford

The North Branford Police Department's vehicle fleet now includes four brand new cars.

Four new police vehicles have hit the road, taking their spot in the 's vehicle rotation as soon as they were returned from being detailed and outfitted with equipment.

The for the four Crown Victorias was in late October. The cars were and the first three were finished soon after with the fourth added to the fleet by the end of December.

“There are the last Crown Victorias off the assembly lines­­–it’s the end of an era,” said Lieutenant David D’Ancicco. “These cars are workhorses. It’s good we were able to grab them this year because we were able to reuse a lot of the interior equipment.”

The new cars match the rest of the department’s fleet and, because they are the same model, the NBPD will be able to use the stocked parts for repairs.

D’Ancicco described the next model that will be available as “basically a Ford Taurus. It’s six-cylinder and much smaller.”

“People won’t see these cars [Crown Victorias] anymore after this year,” said D’Ancicco.

Betty Boop January 10, 2012 at 12:25 PM
One DUI arrest in December? Five arrests total? One DUI arrest in November? Why do we need patrol cars? It looks like the Chief, once again when faced with negative public opinion, has "suggested" that his officers "lay off the public and let everything cool off". Let's compare North Branford's arrest activity with that of surrounding towns....trouble is, it will be the officers who catch the heat, not the top guy who orchestrates it. When will this town wake up?


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