State Police Recruiting New Troopers through May 29

The Connecticut State Police issued the following press release regarding openings for state troopers.

The Connecticut State Police Department is preparing to accept applications for employment for the position of State Trooper.

Enrollment for the TROOPER exam began May 14, 2012 and continues through May 29, 2012. The Connecticut State Police offers an exciting career opportunity, a competitive salary and excellent benefits.

Applications can be obtained on the State Police website or by contacting a State Police recruiter at 203-630-8070. Anyone who wishes to compete for the position of Trooper must have completed and submitted the application online by May  29, 2012.

“This is a rare opportunity for men and women to become part of the finest state police organization in the nation,” said Governor Dannel P. Malloy. “State Police Troopers are on the front lines, protecting our residents from dangers large and small on every shift they work. I encourage any resident who is interested in a fulfilling, challenging career in law enforcement to consider applying to the Connecticut State Police.”

Additional information may be obtained from the State Police website. There, potential recruits will find the specific requirements that are necessary to apply to be a Trooper.

The Connecticut State Police was founded in 1903 and is the oldest State Police agency in the United States. More than 1,000 Troopers are assigned to barracks scattered across the state and to dozens of specialized units. State Police Troopers are primary law enforcement providers in 82 of the 169 municipalities in Connecticut. The Connecticut State Police is the third largest police force in New England.

Information courtesy of Paul Vance, CSP


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