3 Questions for Mayor Candelora: Aug. 13

North Branford's mayor, Anthony Candelora, updates us on town news and tells us about his favorite subject growing up.

In addition to the regular questions of 'What's new in your department?' and 'What's something residents should know?,' this week North Branford Patch is already thinking about Back to School (sorry kids!) and asks our town officials about their favorite subject to study growing up.

North Branford Patch: What’s new?
Mayor Anthony Candelora: The town council has started the search for a permanent town manager.

North Branford Patch: What's something residents should know?
People should know that . Please read East Shore health's website and use precaution.

North Branford Patch: What was your favorite subject in school growing up?
Candelora: My favorite subject in school was history. I have always enjoyed learning about our past.

Stay tuned for more responses from other officials throughout the week. Want to check out more '3 Questions' topics and see what other officials had to say? Scroll down for more!


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