3 Questions for Town Manager Bonnie Therrien: Sept. 4

Bonnie Therrien, North Branford's interim town manager, discusses back-to-school safety, road improvements and a glimpse at her past.

Before our town officials were, well, town officials, they had other jobs. Think back to your first-ever job. Ever wonder where our town officials, like North Branford's , got their start in the working world?

North Branford Patch: What's new in your department?
Therrien: The will be commencing the placement of pavement for the shimming and leveling of selected roads on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012. The shimming and leveling is applied to seal and cover cracked or broken pavement and to create a smooth driving surface. The shimming and leveling pavement is generally a thin layer of pavement that may or may not cover the full width of road and generally does not include the full length of roadway. The shimming and leveling pavement is generally applied to substandard roads that do not have a good road base and which generally will receive a surface seal application within the next 2 years. The finish surface seal will be a chip seal surface on most of these roads. 

The areas to be paved include Valley Road, the portion of town from West Pond Road easterly to the Guilford town line and south of Route 80, Hall Road, High Point Drive, upper Sea Hill Road, North Street, portions of Augur Road, portion of Reeds Gap Road East, portions of Village Street and Old Turnpike.

North Branford Patch: What's something residents should know?
Therrien: With , make sure you are alert for children running out to the busses or getting off the busses so that both you and our children are safe this school season. 

North Branford Patch: What was your first job?
Therrien: I babysat for quite awhile before I could legally work, but my first job was working in the Baby Department of Steiger’s Department Store in downtownSpringfield, Massachusetts.

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Stay tuned for more responses from other officials throughout the week. Want to check out more '3 Questions' topics and see what other officials had to say? Scroll down for more!

Bunker September 04, 2012 at 07:14 PM
Has anyone from town driven on Cedar Lake Rd. lately? Not quite sure how roads get prioritized for paving in town but I have driven all those roads recently and none of them come even close to the horrible condition of Cedar Lake rd.
Bonnie Therrien September 04, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Cedar Lake Road will be worked on this fall after the water connections are made. If Mother Nature cooperates, we should have the road grinded up and repaved before the snow falls. If winter sets in earlier, than we would put a binder coat on the road and finish the paving in the spring. It is long overdue. Bonnie Therrien
Bunker September 04, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Thank you!!


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