Capitol Dispatch: Learn to Become a Barber?

Legislators ponder creating a barbershop apprenticeship program.

The Joint Committee on Public Health will hear testimony regarding HB 5517, a proposal to see whether the Nutmeg State should start a apprenticeship program.

The Connecticut State Apprenticeship Council, together with the Commissioner of Public Health and the Executive Director of the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission, want to consider the feasibility of a program.

Their report, due Jan. 1, 2013, would include recommendations for establishing a barbershop apprenticeship program, how long it would take to set up program, and what kind of professional experience apprentices participating in the program need to have.

Public Health Committee member state Rep. David Scribner, a Republican representing Bethel and Brookfield in the 107th House District, still wants more information, his press secretary Julia Sorensen said in an email.

“I discussed the matter with Rep. Scribner earlier, and he is not yet taking a formal position on the bill as he is still in the process of considering some of the details,” she said, “including what spurred the bill and what the full costs and benefits of the program's implementation will be.”


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