CCM: Connecticut Education Funding Lags by $763 Million

The lobbying group for towns wants the state to limit education mandates and increase education aid.

The state’s main lobbying group for towns is urging Connecticut lawmakers to increase education funding to ease property tax burdens in communities.

In a report issued Tuesday the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities said the state is underfunding local education mandates by $763 million this year alone.

CCM is gearing up for the next session of Connecticut’s General Assembly, which begins early in 2013, where it will push lawmakers to increase state aid for education.

In a press conference yesterday at the state capitol, Jim Finley, CCM’s executive director, said the state has “chronically underfunded” education grants to towns for years, forcing local communities to increase property taxes to pay for schools.

CCM’s lobbying efforts this year will be twofold; It wants the state to back off some education mandates that are not being properly funded and it wants the state to increase education funding overall to towns.

"Municipalities across Connecticut have had to divert resources from non-education local public services in order to pay for the increasing costs of education because the state has not kept its funding bargain with school districts and with property taxpayers," the Stamford Advocate quotes Finley as saying.

Richard Poulton November 16, 2012 at 01:13 PM
This is somewhat alone topic lines. But why can't those we elect to properly govern tell us straight about the financial situation we are in. Now we have a new term to use that Webster must install to define a word. We are no longer in a deficit situation. Malloy said so. We have a "short fall". Lets's see if I have this straight. $365 Million in the red for 2013. That is no longer a deficit. It is a short fall of funds. So what will he call it in 2014 when the projected "short fall", not a deficit, is $1.18 Billion dollars; and projected figures for 2015 are $959 Million dollars. Now back to this article. If the "short fall" numbers provided by the state is $365 Million, and this story refers to an "underfunding", another nice term, of an account by $763 Million, doesn't that make, using the new term "short fall" , the combined amount in the red actually to be $1.128 Billion dollars? Maybe they keep us confused for a reason. For if the truth was told someone may or should go to jail.


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