In They Go: DEEP Stocks Supply Ponds

Nearby fishing holes are being stocked for the upcoming season.

Nearly 400,000 trout will make their way into Connecticut’s rivers and ponds thanks to the Connecticut DEEP and the Fisheries Management Program. On March 14, we happened upon members of the DEEP trout-stocking outfit just as they were finishing up dumping about 300 brown trout in the .

Before the season opens, the Fisheries Department said they will stock about 300 trout here will return two to three times during season to add about 300 more each time.

Driving around a large silver container loaded with trout, the crew of about five guys, some full-time employees and some seasonal, were next off to Guilford’s West River to unload another bundle of fish for that area.

Though there’s no stocking map yet available for Branford’s Supply Ponds, you can head over to the DEEP website to download maps of other fishing areas. Other nearby fishing spots to be stocked include Muddy River in Wallingford and Mill River in Hamden.

Opening day of fishing season is April 21. You can obtain a fishing license online at the DEEP website. See chart below for prices.

Download the attached DEEP 2012 Angler’s Guide to ensure you are making the most out of this fishing season!

Resident Inland Fishing


Resident All Waters Fishing


Resident Senior Citizen (65 and older) - Inland Fishing

Free (Requires Annual Renewal)

Nonresident Season-Inland Fishing


Nonresident Season-All Waters Fishing


Nonresident Three Day Inland Fishing



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