Letter to the Editor: Many Thanks from Town Manager Bonnie Therrien

Bonnie Therrien expresses gratitude to many for their efforts in dealing with Hurricane Sandy.


I would like to share my deep appreciation to all of the many town employees, volunteers and citizens who stepped forward to assist during Storm Sandy. I am not sure that all of the citizens realize how much time these dedicated workers spent away from their families and home, even when some of their homes were in the direct path of Sandy. 

The volunteer firemen, along with Chief Seward, slept in the firehouses pre- and post-Sandy to make sure there was 24/7 coverage of the fire and EMS services. Thank you to all of you and your families. The police were working huge amounts of hours to cover the town in case trees came down and blocked the roads. The No. 1 thing was ensuring you, the public’s safety.

The Public Works staff, under the able direction of Fran Merola, has spent countless hours clearing the roads, removing trees and making traveling possible as early as the morning after the storm. Unbelievable job from all!!

If you see any town worker while traveling around town, make sure you stop and say Thank You because as you were waiting for the storm to be over, they were working to make sure all of us could be safe in North Branford.

The American Red Cross did an excellent job manning our regional shelter and I appreciate their efforts and the work the school staff did to assist them and those who stayed at the shelter. 

For those who worked in the Emergency Operations Center with me, thank you for the long hours, hard work and company. 

Let us hope this is one of the last huge storms we will see for a long time, but I would urge you to be prepared for the next one. Think about what you could have done better for you and your family members, what you need to buy to be prepared for the next one and if you would be willing to volunteer for us after the storm has passed. If you can spare some time, please call us at 203-484-6000. 

If you want to apply for FEMA assistance, please call our office and we will let you know how to do this.

Again, huge thanks to the staff and volunteers, as well as to the Town Council for their support.


Bonnie L. Therrien
Interim Town Manager


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