Hoydick Holds Off Masters in the 120th District

Incumbent Laura Hoydick beats Democratic challenger Terry Masters by a comfortable margin.

State Rep. Laura Hoydick thanked her fellow party members after unofficial results gathered at Republican Headquarters Tuesday night showed her winning re-election in Stratford's 120th District (map included in photo gallery).

"You don't do anything like this without a lot of support," she said, before recognizing State Rep. Larry Miller, of Stratford's 122nd District, and State Sen. Kevin Kelly, two Republicans who were running unopposed in this year's election.

Hoydick said she had a focused campaign based on Republican values such as "making government smaller, less taxes and less intrusion."

Official results tallied at Town Hall later in the night showed Hoydick besting Masters, 6404 to 4229 votes.

"I am pleased with the results," said Terry Masters. "I think support was overwhelming, we made such a strong showing."

Masters said she'll "definitely" run for the same seat next election. She said she's confident constituents in the Republican-heavy district will vote for her once they get to know her better.

"It has my name on it," she said of the 120th District seat.


Masters Looks to Unseat Hoydick in the 120th District (Posted Tuesday)

In a blog post on Stratford Patch, Terry Masters, a small business owner, tells readers why she is trying to dethrone Laura Hoydick as state representative in the 120th District.

"A Gallup poll last month said only 10 percent of Americans approve of Congress," she writes in the post. "As I've been walking and knocking on doors these past few weeks, I've heard some anger and disgust voiced on the state of politics in Stratford, in Connecticut and in the country."

In that same blog post Masters said, if she gets elected, she'll fight against "big corporations [that] have been trying to sell off our country and buy off our democracy." She also said she wants to fix the system that leaves college grads with "enormous debt," and "fully fund the DEEP programs and get our air and water cleaned up."

Supporters of Laura Hoydick say she is the right legislator for the job because she is practical and personal with the residents she represents.

The owner of Stratford's Blue Sky Diner, Nikos Avramopoulos, said of Hoydick: "I do not view Laura Hoydick as a 'career politician' but rather as a down-to-earth human being who really cares about the people and businesses in this great state of ours.

"When my business was forced to close due to structural issues back in July of 2012, it was Laura who really advocated and fought for our restaurant to remain a Stratford landmark."

According to her website, Hoydick served seven years on the Stratford Board of Education, four of them as chairwoman; and has held prominent roles in the Second Hill Lane and Flood Middle School PTAs.

Hoydick won the 120th District seat in 2010 when she just about doubled the votes of Democratic challenger Robert Bradley, 5,123 to 2,667.

Mike Reynolds November 07, 2012 at 01:18 PM
"I am pleased with the results," said Terry Masters. "I think support was overwhelming, we made such a strong showing." Talk about disillusionment. If the support was overwhelming you would have won. If you are happy with making a strong showing you were destined to lose.
Laura Dobosz November 07, 2012 at 03:42 PM
While I am happy for the rest of the outcomes, I am so very saddened by this one. Laura Hoydick's voting record has been horrific and that alone should have made voters support Terry. I dread her representing me. My only consolation is that she continues to be a tiny minority in Hartford and her horrific voting will not count very much in affecting our laws.
Bob Cerani November 07, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Terry Masters lost to a better more down to earth candidate in Laura Hoydick. Congratulations Laura. It would have been more of the same with Terry Masters, Tax and Spend. She lied about her platform. and she lost.
Bob Cerani November 08, 2012 at 09:59 PM
I guess ,Paradise you would like a complete run of the table by the Democrats. One party rule is ok with you, What's next a Dictatorship? It's not supposed to be that way, you need checks and balances. Enjoy your majority while it lasts, It won't be this way forever in Connecticut. To me it is very sad day when you have one party that thinks their way is the best without any representation from an opposing party.


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