NB Town Council March 20 Meeting in a Minute

Here's a quick recap of what happened at last night's North Branford Town Council meeting.

The  began with the Water Pollution Control Authority's public hearing for . Two Gail Drive residents spoke about the problems with their homes with one asking for help from the town for the cost and the other saying the cost would be well worth the benefit of having sewers.

Presentation of Budget

Superintendent Scott Schoonmaker and Town Manager presented budgets for the 2012-13 fiscal year for and the town, respectively.

Both the Board of Education and the Town of North Branford presented increases for the 2012-13 fiscal year. The BOE is looking to introduce full-day kindergarten, while the town's mill rate is set at 29.55 for a 1.78 increase (6.48 percent). Full story to follow.

Committee Reports

The Committee met and has sent out sponsorship letters. The committee is also focusing on improving the where it is looking to provide additional support in terms of electricity.

The Finance Sub-Committee met, noting that the received a $47,500 grant, which includes a five percent match from the town coming from the fire department's budget. 

Town Manager's Report

The certificate of occupancy was issued to , though there are still some issues being resolved including HVAC and problems with the front door. Branigan is also pursuing state reimbursement for the .

The Connecticut goes out to bid today. The projects are moving forward and Branigan reported that the next briefing will be a pre-construction meeting.

The town is in the process of completing a proposal for a new .

At the March 19 Parks and Recreation meeting, there was a public hearing regarding the , which was adopted.

With two sergeant positions open at the , a list of candidates has been for review.

Resignations and Appointments

was re-appointed to the East Shore Public Health District Board of Directors.

The following were also appointed to the Emergency Communications Committee: Mayor Anthony Candelora, Councilman Michael Doody, Police Commissioner David Palumbo, Fire Commissioner Joseph Civitello, Police Chief Matthew Canelli, resident Andrew Campion, Fire Chief and Treasurer/Finance Director .

Unfinished Business

Seven people were nominated to the Charter Revision Committee including Roger Munck, Joseph Faughnan, Anthony Candelora, Pat Young, Penny Seaman, Ken Imperado and Steven Onofrio. The Charter Revision Committee is tentatively scheduled to have an organizational meeting prior to the April 3 Town Council meeting at 6 p.m.

Branigan reported that the the documentation is in place to move forward with the initial phase, while phase two is budgeted for in the BOE's 2012-13 budget.

New Business

Despite a long discussion presenting all sides of the , which was , the Town Council chose to table voting on the authorization of North Branford Unleashed's fundraising activities to the next meeting. The council asked that Branigan prepare a more detailed plan as far as layout of the property and cost of clearing the property, including an estimate for fencing. Full story to follow.

The Council approved the transfer of the $293,000 needed to complete the project.

The Council authorized Branigan to enter into a contract with Verizon so the town can use the cell towers on Commerce Drive and Reed's Gap Road as a backup in case power goes out.

The Council approved the use of capital funds to perform maintenance on town tennis courts and basketball courts.  



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