New Fields Use Policy Prepared

The Parks & Rec Commission's policy will govern the use of town athletic fields and park pavilions.

At of the Parks & Recreation Commission, Director Pamela Gery expressed need for a new fields usage policy and at last night’s meeting, she
discussed the policy she created, which outlines the rules for the use of
athletic fields and park pavilions for town and outside residents.

The town will charge a fee for any teams that wish to use the fields that don’t have 75 percent town residents on their roster. North Branford youth and adult leagues, North Branford government and school activities and non-profit organizations are exempt from payment. The use of town facilties for business purposes is also prohibited.

There is a fee structure for the use of fields and other facilities for residents and non-residents, with lower fees for residents, including $50 for a field with lights for residents and $175 for non-residents. Park pavilion rentals are free for residents but $50 for non-residents with refundable deposits required for both residents and non-residents.

The new field usage policy includes application policies for use of the fields, which will provide field usage permits for the applicants. They may be required to hold a single limit liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 covering bodily injury and property damage.

At last night’s meeting, commission members discussed the new policy and made minor revisions. Gery will edit the policy and have it ready for the next meeting.

The goal, according to Chairman Brian Lynch, is to create a policy that the Board of Education will agree to and use for its own fields. Parks & Rec and the Board of Education will then present the policy to the Town Council for approval. The process should take a few months, Lynch speculated.


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