North Branford Town Council Aug. 7 Meeting in a Minute

West Nile in North Branford, discussion of the bid process, Amato's demolition, a beach volleyball court and new press box at NBHS?, Deputy Mayor Al Rose Resigns and more.

Here's a quick rundown of the .


The special meeting and public hearing for the sewer works budget and proposed user fee was set for Sept. 18.

Committee Reports

, interim town manager, reported that CERC gave a presentation to the Economic Development Commission. The EDC is looking at the ways it could benefit by joining CERC.


Council member Mike Doody said the communications committee has to set another meeting with some changes as far as where the state thinks the communications center could be located. He noted the town needs a date because “if we lose , we’re talking about losing three-quarter million dollars to upgrade the communications center.”


The Finance Committee discussed several bids, according to Council member Rose Angeloni, including the and the status of North Branford Intermediate School, suggesting a joint meeting between the Permanent Project Building Committee and the Town Council to close out the project.

She also reported that the application for the next round of STEAP grants, requesting $500,000 for the STW project, was successfully submitted.

Town Manager’s Report

Therrien was happy to announce that bids are being accepted for the . Bidders must have a demolition permit and bids must be submitted by Aug. 27 at 11 a.m. Information was posted in The Sound as well as on the town and state websites.

“We’re expediting the process to get it awarded so people don’t have to look at it anymore,” said Therrien.


has been discovered in North Branford, along with 31 other towns in Connecticut, reported Therrien, making it the 32nd town in Connecticut with reports of infected mosquitoes. She referred residents to the East Shore Health District’s website for more information as “people really have to take caution.”


Therrien concluded her report by complimenting those involved with the , saying she and her husband enjoyed their day at the festival.

“The number of volunteers were amazing,” said Therrien. “Congratulations to all. It was excellent.”

Unfinished Business

The Council was presented with three potential questions regarding . After discussing the issue, the Council requested the third question be split up and re-presented at the September meeting.

Joe Faughnan expressed concern that residents would be unsure what they were voting on, but Town Clerk Lisa Valenti said there would be explanatory posters posted.


The much-discussed was approved.

New Business

A part-time secretary assistant position in the assessor’s office was discussed. The 10-hour position would assist Christine Barta at a cost of $6,551 a year and was already in the budget.

“In previous years, we’ve hired people to go out into the field and this would give me an opportunity to get out in the field instead of being here doing clerical work,” said Barta.

The motion was not approved with Anthony Candelora, Al Rose, Mike Doody, Don Fucci and Joanne Wentworth voting no and Angeloni, Esposito, Faughnan and Vin Caprio voting yes.


There was much discussion surrounding the bid process and if local vendors are notified when bids open.

(Full story to follow)


The Council approved the job description for a Public Works groundskeeper/laborer/highway employee. This position replaces an empty position, though Public Works Director Fran Merola explained he changed the training and experience requirements, including a CDL license requirement.


The next item on the agenda was a beach volleyball court at the . Angeloni explained that the Board of Education had appeared before Inland Wetlands for a variance as the court would be positioned behind the school near the ticket booth where there is a “stream.”

Rose was quick to point out that Town Attorney John Gesmonde has previously “ruled that the only body that can build anything on town property is the Town Council.” He also said many states have banned beach volleyball courts at schools because they tend to be used as “litter boxes” and become contaminated. Rose questioned where the money for the construction of the court and the sand would come from after the , as well.

The Council said a letter has been sent to the BOE to put the plan on hold and that the BOE should present its plan to the Council with answers to questions concerning costs and contamination issues.


As Therrien is the interim town manager, she asked the Council how it would like to proceed in its search with Rose laughing, “We’ve got a good town manager.” Therrien suggested not listing the salary in the ad with Council members asking if applicants could include their salary requests. The Council requested that Therrien write an ad for its review.


Rose received a phone call regarding the press box at North Branford High School. Mike Caron, one of the North Branford Youth Football coaches, was on hand to discuss the issue.

“The present box is falling apart,” said Caron, who was looking for the okay to look for donations for materials, which the Town Council gave.


The Aug. 8 Finance Subcommittee meeting was cancelled.

Al Rose Resigns

During public comments, announced his resignation, saying “I’ve got to focus on my business and my family.”

The Council members extended their thanks to Rose for his service and all he has taught them.

(Full story to follow)


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