North Branford Town Council Sworn In

The new council, which is really the old council, took their oaths to the town on Tuesday night.

The , all returning members re-elected from the previous term, pledged their oath to serve the town at the Nov. 15 meeting.

“Do I have to call you Deputy Mayor Rose now?” asked a smiling Vincent Caprio of , whose title has changed from that of council member.

“You're lucky you don't have to kiss his rings,” laughed resident Roger Munck from the general public.

The mood was relaxed and jovial as council members mingled together, shook hands and extended congratulations to fellow members.

Also appointed back into office was Town Attorney John Gesmonde as well as Town Clerk Mary Caruso.

The swearing in was brief, each member holding up their right hand to signify their oath to serve the town of North Branford. The regularly scheduled meeting immediately followed.

As a small 'thank you' to the residents in attendance, cookies and cold apple cider were served during a short recess before the executive session. Residents took the opportunity to snack and speak with the elected officials.

“I was mayor of North Branford for 20 years,” said council member Joanne Wentworth, “and we've finally got someone in here doing a really good job; I hope he [] sticks around.”

Returning council members include , Vincent Caprio, , , ,  and .


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