North Branford Town Council Update

The council seeks opinions on a proposed sewer project and the Montgomery Village Association is seeking answers.

In addition to the presentation by , the following issues were also discussed at the Dec. 13 Town Council meeting.

Proposed Sewer Project

The council has approved a letter to be sent to the six properties on Gail Drive just before Gail Court to assess the interest in a proposed sewer intsallation as part of the Road Improvement Project. The projected cost of the installation, pumps and connection is set at $14,000 per property ($84,000 in total) with a 20 percent contribution coming from property owners.

Reconstruction is not scheduled until the next calendar year and the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) will hold a formal public hearing after the informal inquiry has been sent out.

Town Manager Richard Branigan reported that the proposed project comes as a response to septic issues. 

"One particular homeowner has had an issue and wants answers, relief, something for a number of years," said Branigan. "We've asked this question before, now is the time to really get an opinion."

Montgomery Village

Montgomery Village Association Board of Directors Attorney Howard Kantrovit addressed the council regarding inappropriate building practices and an expired bond. 

"The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously passed a motion saying the bond would stay in effect as long at the retaining walls were built to specification," said Kantrovit. "Unfortunately, the bond was allowed to expire and we were never informed. 

"The letter of credit was a performance bond if the developer failed, which he did; he was supposed to clean the blocks, they were filthy and it has not been cleaned, the walls were not inspected, no permit was taken out," he added. "The building official was driving up there. There's no way he could have not seen those walls were going up.

"We really have been put in this position because the town made a series of mistakes, from the buiuding official who didn't demand permits to allowing the bond to expire without informing us," said Kantrovit. 

Councilman Alfred Rose responded, "These are the stackable blocks. As a builder, they're designed to fail. The frost pushes on them, they fail. I would check, when you come back, with the statement from the building official and see if a temporary structure actually requires a permit."

The council agreed it would need to look at more information and address the issue at the Jan. 6 meeting. 

Hazardous Waste Recycle Committee

The has been completed with removals being transferred to the Swajuk Property. Branigan reported that the town has saved around $5,000 over the course of the last two years since changing sites. Leaves are currently being processed for use. The brush removal FEMA reimbusement is still being processed. 

Stanley T. Williams

The $200,000 Steepe Grant will be used for HVAC at the . 


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