Therrien Briefs Town Council on Trash Collection

Interim Town Manager Bonnie Therrien updated the North Branford Town Council on John's Refuse rolling out new toters and automated collection this week.


After much discussion about North Branford's trash contract and automated collection in 2012, the North Branford Town Council signed a contract with John's Refuse in which John's Refuse would purchase and deliver the 9,000 toters needed for residents in the beginning of 2013.

While delivery of the toters is behind schedule, at the Jan. 22 North Branford Town Council meeting, Interim Town Manager Bonnie Therrien reported that the dropoffs should be finished by the end of the week. She said that John's Refuse reported they were in the process of delivering the barrels to Sea Hill Road, West Pond Road and Foxon Road.


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"Even though delivery is still underway, if people are not receiving their barrels, it is helpful for them to call us so we have addresses [where toters are needed]," she said.

Therrien said residents can call Town Hall at 203-484-6000 if they have not received toters or with questions or concerns. She noted that Town Hall had received a number of calls concerning the toters and trash collection this week.

Several residents also voiced concerns in Patch's recent article "Don’t Forget to Take Out the Trash – In Your New Toters" with many concerned about the size of the toters. 

"He’s [John's Refuse] has already got phone calls from about 43 customers looking to switch barrel size," said Therrien. "We're tring to work everything out. Change is hard, but we are trying to help everyone in the process."

John's Refuse can be reached at 203-484-0281.

LORI VOGT January 24, 2013 at 09:43 PM
Seems like this got slid right in under our noses, as I remember they tried to make us do this program several years ago and the town turned it down due to difficulties handling the large containers. I fear for our elderly, for all of us on hilly or long drives, and for traffic safety. My drive will have 8 containers from 4 houses lined up on Sea Hill Rd (as will other drives), which will block access to the driveway, or block access on Sea Hill, especially for school buses. I can't imagine trying to lift these things into our truck to drive them to the street. Can I refuse to use them and put out my regular trash can?
Dale Johnson February 14, 2013 at 07:48 PM
Maybe the town should have looked into the background of this company, and the people who are running it. Nice to hand a 10 year contract to people like this: http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-154676636/trash-company-head-pleads.html Needless to say, I am not happy with my tax money going to these guys.


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