Town Manager Therrien's Weekly Report: Oct. 26

Bonnie Therrien, North Branford's interim town manager, shares her weekly report for the week ending Oct. 26.

North Branford's interim town manager, Bonnie Therrien, shares the weekly report for the week ending Oct. 26.

In the report, Therrien reviewed the town's planning leading up to Hurricane Sandy:

  • Press Releases have been given out all day to the public in all Town buildings and they have been distributed to local businesses. The release is also located on the Town and Board of Education website and on cable TV.
  • The Board sent out an alert to all parents/students and we have signs posted to go to our website for information at the two event signs in Town and on the message board on Route 80.
  • There will be a message left on the main number of Town Hall telling people how to access information.
  • The Emergency Operation Center is ready to roll at the Police Station.
  • The Red Cross will be manning the Regional Shelter at the Intermediate School and I have already been in touch with our contact. Lisa Valente, Luisa Breen and Pam Gery will be the Red Cross’ main contacts. No animals will be allowed at this shelter but Branford’s shelter will allow people with pets to come there.
  • All pets must be caged or in some type of enclosure.  I did find out this AM that all of the cots were returned to the State so we have already put an order in for replacement cots. The Board’s food service staff will be helping with meals.
  • Any commodities distribution will be at Public Works and Michelle Knockwood will be in charge of commodities.
  • The dam is in god shape and we should have no problems there.
  • UI and the Gas Company were at our meeting this AM and will be manning our EOC.  I also made contact with Wallingford Electric. They are bringing in extra crews.
  • We are trying to put together a list of gas stations and food places that may have generators so we can release this to the public.
  • The Executive Director of Evergreen Woods was at our meeting and she has coordinated things with the Fire Department in case they lose power for a long period of time.
  • Sandbags are filled and ready to be used and can be picked up by the public at Public Works.
  • Potable Water will be at Station #4, instead of Station #3. This has been changed on the new flyer.
  • All generators are working (one at one of the Fire Houses is being fixed as we speak), vehicles filled up with gas, and radios/portables/phones tested.

The full report is attached to this article.

These reports are sent to the Town Council, town staff and the media each week. It will also be posted on the town's website. Residents can request to be added to the email distribution list as well by emailing Gina Cox at executivesecretary@townofnorthbranfordct.com.

Therrien was named North Branford's interim town manager at the July 10 Town Council meeting after the town made an "amicable split" with former town manager Richard Branigan.


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