Average Commute: Does the Long Road Pay Off?

Mapping average commutes and how much people earn based on how they get to work.

We’ve shown you how much you can expect to make at a job in each Connecticut town, but not everyone works in the town they live in.

Commute time is an important metric for homebuyers, who should consider proximity, major traffic fluxuations (such as particularly bad rush-hours or extended construction), and opportunities to take advantage of public transportation or carpooling.

Ideally, though, the shorter the better.

In their buyer’s guide, real estate website Zillow lists commute time as the first factor to take into consideration.

“Where do you work, how do you get there and how much time are you willing to spend on your commute?” they write. “One thing to keep in mind: Psychology experts who have studied happiness argue that you’re more likely to be happy if you buy a smaller house with a shorter commute than a bigger house with a longer commute.”

The interactive map above shows the average time to work for commuters in that zip code, as well as the percent of commuters traveling more than an hour and less than 10 minutes, and a breakdown of median income based on the style of commuting.

Also check out the towns with the longest and shortest commutes and come back next week for the full ranking of the best towns in Connecticut to buy a home.
Godbully May 20, 2014 at 12:36 AM
Harry: stop whining about government and take control of your life. $5 gas is coming and there's nothing you, Governor Molloy or anyone else can do to stop it. Buy yourself a hybrid and a composting toilet and set yourself free.
John Asmar May 20, 2014 at 07:27 AM
Malloy is responsible for expensive gas pricing. Ct has the highest tax on gas in the US @68 cents a gallon and Malloy increased it some time back. This does not include the 6% delivery charge on transporting fuels on top of it. If memory serves one of the only states that tax transporting of fuels. We do not live in the UK so the comparison is ridiculous. As far as the hybrid goes that is another issue as dictating what cars to buy and in the future what cars will be banned for not complying to mileage estimates. And CA already has mileage monitors on there vehicles monitoring private use and excessive useless driving taxes. That is what the state of ct wants to do also. It is only a matter of time folks.


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