How Many Lies Does it Take to Get to the Truth?

An opinion of the Libyan Scandal and the attempt of the White House to cover it up

Is there anyone with any kind of intelligence that actually believed then and stills believes that the attack in Libya was random? The attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and three others including two U.S. security men was all a retaliation for a video that had been on the Internet since July? That on September 11th, 2012, the 11th anniversary of the worst attack on american soil, a random group of angry protesters were able to easily navigate their way through a building and then another building that was to be a safe haven and find the Ambassador? Did you believe?

If you did or still do, you should not be allowed to vote! But too many died for that right. Even for the stupid. (And the dead if your a democrat! But I digress).

If it had happened any other day of the year, I might tend to believe it at first. But like in 2001, as you were watching a live broadcast of the second plane hit the tower, you knew right then this was no accident. We all knew. Mitt knew and he got blasted by the media and the White House.

Too many people want to really believe that President Obama has it all under control and that we are all safe. Hell, he has been killing all the bad guys, Right? The news channels funnel the White House B.S. to those who want to believe that “Brian Williams, Chris Matthews or MSNBC would ever lie to me”. Idiots!

Well if it has taken two weeks for this administration to realize that this was a planned attack, then it's not the American people who are stupid.

You've heard the jokes, “You know how to tell if a politician is lying?” Well there have been a lot of lips moving the past two weeks. Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama. That's 8 lips. 4 pair to begin with. Lying! It doesn't stop there, there are too many others to count.

Now if it wasn't bad enough that they are lying, you got the arrogance, the audacity, the just flat out lack of respect by President Obama has for those who died. He saw fit to campaign. To make sure he got to Vegas, show up on the old, tired and time to put out to pasture, Letterman show and of course he had to visit his favorite cackling flock of frustrated old hens on “The View”!  Looking for that women's vote. Hey, let's not forget the interview with "Pimp with a Limp". That had to be riveting!! NO..President Barrack Hussein Obama is too narcissistic to realize that actually acting presidential may be a positive.

Now will the journal of a murdered man help enlighten us as to what our great foreign policy president really knew in advance. Or did he know anything? If he had only been attending those intel meetings. Like that would have mattered to this Commander In Chief. Now all of a sudden he has attended all of them this week. Wow! I'm impressed!

They arrested the man who made the video. A man who exercised his freedom of speech. Gotta make it look good. But....It seems that he was violating his probation by being on the internet and using an assumed name. So he is charged with that. Now there is one dumb American!  Maybe Obama has a spot in his administration for him. “Chief Scapegoat”. Oh yeah, that's Bush's assigned title.

So now the cover up begins. More lies will be spewed before we get to the truth, if ever.

So like slain border agent Brian Terry, the memories of Ambassador John Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith and the two guards will become collateral damage from the onslaught of the White House rhetoric. I would have liked to mention the names of the two guards, but have been unable to find any official release. Why? If anyone knows please post them.

So it all boils down to the White House administration's handling of foreign policy. "The American people can't handle the truth" and "The liberals can't tell it".

How many lies does it take to get to the truth?

Better get your calculator out!



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Mike Wright September 28, 2012 at 08:34 PM
If B/C DIDN'T ignore warnings, are you really saying 9/11 wouldn't have happened? I think you must have some serious misconceptions about how our intelligence networks actually work and I never said that Obama knew about the impending attacks, but his response to the attacks is feckless and weak. The intelligence gathering mechanisms will always gather incomplete scenarios and aren't always reliable, but when we get punched in the nose and do nothing about it, that goes directly to the deficit of leadership.
Mike Wright September 28, 2012 at 08:48 PM
First it was all Bush's fault, then it was the Republicans in the House, then it was a do-nothing Congress. We don't need a president that blames everything bad on someone else. That is our job. He should lead. A much better president, Harry Truman, at least had the decency to accept blame for the disasters that happened during his time in office.
Daniella Ruiz October 03, 2012 at 12:35 PM
loose lips, sink ships. it applies to them snarky DC people as well. what 'we the people' don't know, may be, in effect, denying the embedded enemy (trust me, they ARE here) access to facts they use for their own benefit. if our own CIA is 'operating' as it should, even the POTUS may well be under more scrutiny than we are availed of. keep your fingers crossed! ;-))
Daniella Ruiz October 03, 2012 at 12:43 PM
no, no, no no, no! the plan is to insert RFID tracking chips into every live human to ensure they are properly taxed in the region they transact business in. also, being aware of who's where at what time is really handy when deflecting a surge of opponents to the regime. '-)) Woooo Ha Ha Ha!
Daniella Ruiz October 03, 2012 at 12:46 PM
i don't need no stinking calculator, one finger on the trigger will do me just fine.


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