Sandra Fluke? You Want Me to Pay for What?

Sandra Fluke and her outrageous needs.

Of all the insurance plans that I have had over my 35 year career,  birth control has been a covered item. BUT!

I paid for the insurance..the costs were covered by an independent company. My neighbor, relatives or friends did not contribute. So I wonder why my hard earned money  should support the sexual habits of someone I do not know?

Sandra Fluke was cast into the media spotlight earlier this year when she told the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee that many of her Georgetown Law School classmates did not have birth control pills because the university’s insurance plan was not forced to cover it. She wants ME and YOU to pay for her protection. WHAT?

Hey Sandra..You can afford to go to Georgetown..buy a 36 pack of condoms for $30.00. You can order them on line and they come in a nice plain wrapped box.  If you and two friends go in together, $12 each, that’s only $10 for a night or two of partying!

And  you want me to pay for the abortion you will have in the event you “party too hardy” and forget to take or use your freebies. Sorry, I draw the line at murder!!

Now the big one! You want me to pay for sex changes!  How did you put it?  “Transgender persons wishing to undergo the gender reassignment process frequently face heterosexist employer health insurance policies that label [gender-reassignment] surgery as cosmetic, or medically unnecessary and therefore uncovered,”

Do you know how much a sex change costs? $15,000 and $20,000; the cost for some procedures can be as high as $50,000!

Or maybe you know and had it done already? …..Or at least started, cause I think you still have “One Big Set of Kahunas”  to even suggest this crap.

I’ll cut them off for a six pack of Coors Light! I’ll even sterilize my box cutter first!

Yesterday,  a Massachusetts Federal Judge ruled that the taxpayers have to pay for the sex change of a prisoner convicted of killing his wife.  WHY? Will we have to pay for his contraceptives when it’s done? (Yes, I Know)

On second thought, Sandra, call or email me.  I will personally buy all the contraceptives you and your wacko friends want, just so you will NEVER Pro-Create!!


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Dr Bob September 08, 2012 at 08:00 PM
I didn't read all the posts and therefore have to admit can't claim full objectivity. I do tend to find a more insulting tone on blogs of this sort coming from one particular "camp." Why the "whining liberal" and "raging feminist" labels? If you are correct with your facts, and have logically reached conclusions enough to form an opinion, let's hear that. It may be interesting. It will never be unanimously agreed with. If everyone who disagrees is an idiot or "just doesn't see" maybe our form of government is wrongheaded after all. When I hear the name calling comes to mind some huffing and puffing is being done, as if someone begins to sense their argument is falling down and is in need of some Viagra-like stimulation. As for the issue (seemingly) at hand, seems one odd thing here in the story of Ms Fluke's saga was that, according to her, there were no women at all sitting on the panel empowered to discuss and decide this issue of insurance payment for birth control. That's a bit more than an oops! I hope anyone weighing in on this, regardless of perspective/opinion can see how objectionable that is. And if you think one has to be a woman to feel that way, it's hard for me, honestly, to feel you have a legitimate place in any adult discussion of anything.
Tin Foil Hat September 08, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Kelly, I can't spend my best hours correcting you misquoting me. I didn't say the only difference was conditions to trigger. You made that up. I said they were completely different and separate things and thus cannot be compared as you do. It's logically impermissible, but I'll venture that is an occupational hazard for you. I don't have such luxuries. Consider: is an life ins annuity payout structurally different from SSDI? What if it's means tested? What if the Fed holds a controlling share in this Life Ins co? Start you own blog.
Tin Foil Hat September 08, 2012 at 08:04 PM
@cirrus: I'm very happy for private individuals and entities to spend their hard earned money any which they so choose. I think it's fantastic. I might have preferred a nice cognac, but to each his/her own!
cirrus September 08, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Ed, Your comments are downright rude and show your small minded (probably unworldly) attitude. A sad meager mind.
Elissa Bass September 08, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Hi everyone, There has certainly been some passionate conversation on this blog by Rick, but I am shutting off the comments now, as it has pretty much devolved into a Festival of Name-Calling, and is really no longer a debate, discussion, conversation or discourse. Thanks!


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